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"Oscarina," by Carolita Johnson, who is also a New Yorker cartoonist, is a roughly three-times a week-ly cartoon that is not for kids. (Not for most kids, anyway!) She is the result of years of childhood puzzlement, middle school marginalization, and a decade or so of living abroad, a few years of which were spent studying Structuralism, Medieval Anthropology (specifically researching the menstrual habits of medieval nuns, if you need to know), and Womens Studies. All this will eventually come out in Oscarina in one form or another.

Oscarina sometimes appears on the Huffington Post's comedy site, when the material is news-related.

She also appears on her own Facebook site.

Please direct any questions you may have to carolitajohnson+oscarina at gmail dot com, or write to me c/o The New Yorker's Cartoon Department, where questions on the subjects of copyrighting, licensing, plagiarism (please let me know if you plan on plagiarizing or abusing my images, so I can take proper legal action), as well as book proposals, legitimate lotto winnings, and website malfunction issues, which will be promptly seen to.

Thank you, and good night.

Oscarina is currenly on sabbatical. Prints are available for $20 to anyone who asks. Just email me if you want something special written on it by hand.